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How did you improve your communication skills?

onurbraga profile image brunobraga ・1 min read

Hi there, its Bruno.

We all know how important it is to be able to communicate clearly and directly. This in fact goes to any field, not only software development.

I have seen several times now the situation where the well respected/higher in the ladder was the person who was clearly a good communication, as opposed to the one who had a very good technical knowledge and even worked more hours.

I would like to hear from you what are the steps you have taken to improve on it? Books? courses? training?

am I the only one who thinks half of the arguments are won by the person who speaks with the most confidence?

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Lesly Villalobos

Hi Bruno! In my case, I started participating in debates (on any topic of my interest) first with people with whom I had more confidence and then I started debating with strangers through different forums, which helped me to have more confidence and to be more eloquent.
I recommend you to think before you speak, I know it sounds obvious but many times words come out of your mouth without even having the idea well thought in your head, so try to speak slowly but fluently :)

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brunobraga Author

thanks Lesly, I appreciate your comment and it definitely makes loads of sense

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