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Git, GitHub and how to keep your secrets... secret!

Hey dev,

  • Have you ever wondered what to do in case you leak sensitive information in public source code?
  • What can be done so that it doesn't happen?

GitHub logo GitGuardian / APISecurityBestPractices

Resources to help you keep secrets (API keys, database credentials, certificates, ...) out of source code and remediate the issue in case of a leaked API key. Made available by GitGuardian.

GitGuardian Documentation and Resources

This repository provides resources for developers to keep their secrets secret.

Table of contents

1. Leak Mitigation Checklist

2. Good development practices

3. How to Contribute

About GitGuardian

GitGuardian is a developers-first solution scanning GitHub activity in real-time for API secret tokens, database credentials, certificates, ... Be alerted before the git process returns control back to your terminal. 😊

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