Cross-Platform vs Native App Development

oohsinan profile image Omar Sinan ・1 min read

I am currently in the process of designing an app. How would you decide whether cross-platform frameworks (e.g. React Native) work better than native app development (e.g. XCode) or vice versa?


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The main questions for me would be how much you (and your potential customers) care about design details, and whether you have the resources to maintain separate codebases. Different app environments (e.g. iOS and Android) have different UI conventions that go beyond just using native form controls and such. That is why cross-platform apps never feel just right, and the UX is less than when using a proper, native, designed-for-your-platform app.

The downside is that maintaining different apps is more work, so naturally you have to estimate that the goodwill for sweating the details is worth it in increased sales.


Native and cross-platform developments have different pros and cons. Ultimately, the choice of going with either depends on project requirements and the skills of the developers involved.

Native apps are still the best choice when it comes to user experience and performance. While they are more costly, you’ll be at ease with lower defect rates and better visuals.
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definitely, no However, as technology evolves today, the speed of hardware has become more workable, You will not feel the difference in speed, I recommend you try the Fiutter Framework