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SysmonForLinux - Logging File Create Events

In this article, I will explain how to use SysmonForLinux and how to create specific configurations to keep track of file creation events.

For further information about events and configuration options; you can visit my github repository: oz9un


Sysmon in a nutshell:

Sysmon (System Monitor) is a Windows system service that logs system activity to the Windows event log. Now, it is available for Linux too!

It was developed by Microsoft as an open source project. Even though it is doubtful to see such a contribution, I am very glad about it 🤭



File Create event:

As its name suggests, this event detects when a file is created on Linux systems.

This event can be especially useful when tracking auto-startup folders and folders where everyone has a permission to create files. Because most of the time, they are the main targets of malicious users 👹.

A normal file creation event log would looks like this:
FileCreation Event Log


Configuring File Create event:

By default, SysmonForLinux logs every file creation events. But we are talking about Linux. Even if you connect to a server via SSH; that results in the creation of many tmp files.

As a result, you can guess how chaotic the log file has become. This is why we don't want to log everything, especially in case of file creation event.

File Create event has 7 different description fields that we can use as filters:
Description Fields
You can view all description fields for each event on my github page!

When creating a configuration file (xml) for SysmonForLinux, we can use this fields as a filter.


Example scenario:

Suppose you want to keep log of the every file creation event with the following properties:

  • File should be created in /tmp or under /home/secret folder.
  • File should be created in October 2021.
  • File shouldn't be created with /usr/sbin/cups-browsed daemon (This printer daemon uses /tmp file quite often).

Desired configuration file should looks like that:

<!-- Event ID 11 == FileCreate. Log what we want! -->
<RuleGroup name="" groupRelation="and">
  <FileCreate onmatch="include">
    <TargetFilename condition="contains any">/home/secret/;/tmp/</TargetFilename>
    <UtcTime condition="contains">2021-10</UtcTime>

  <FileCreate onmatch="exclude">
    <Image condition="is">/usr/sbin/cups-browsed</Image>
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You can view the whole configuration file from: Example Scenario



To view sysmon's log file:

tail -f /var/log/syslog | sudo /opt/sysmon/sysmonLogView -X
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Sysmon Log Output

As you can see, we successfully created a configuration file according to our properties and caught some malicious events already!



End & Contact:

This is at the end of my first post about SysmonForLinux. I plan to write much more on this subject as I find time. I would be very happy if you can give a feedback. Stay in touch!



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