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[Week 31]Good First Issues

Hey folks, just want to mention we have a discord for Open Sauced and it is the place where the idea for the newsletter came about. One of our newest members to the pizza party shared their project, ApurvShah007/portfolio-optimizer - A collection of various computational methods to optimize a user's investment portfolio using Modern Portfolio Theory and optimizing various factors such as Returns, Sharpe Ratio and Risk.

If you have a project to share let us know and we can add it to the newsletter.

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What is this? πŸ‘€

There are several projects looking for contributions from experience and first-time contributors. Below is a list of those projects.

πŸ“— The List

🐊 TypeScript/JavaScript

🐍 Python

πŸ• Open Sauced

  • Images flicker when the page has reloaded the homepage. #612
  • Pagination: Unhandled Rejection (TypeError): Cannot read property 'gitHub' of null #535
  • Feature: Create a Changelog #668

If you have good first issues feel free to comment below.

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Apurv Shah

Thank you for featuring my repository here. Would love to talk to anyone that has ideas or wants to contribute.