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Unpublished Video ~ 3d1p

Javascript/XMLHttpRequest/SVG Internet Speed test.

For High Speed connections we need constant stream of Data.

For download we can send request to huge files and close the connection when needed.

When we test Upload speed from browser, we have are limited
by the technology.

We have no Standard way to know Available Memory!

Recently several people reported our new version have issue while testing upload speed from iPhone 6/6s

While testing via Xcode simulator everything fine.

but a real device will return "Failed to load resource: WebKit encountered an internal error"

I thought server configuration may have some issue. After some time i found this was due to limited memory allocation by webkit!

I reduced the memory consumption for upload data! Now it is working fine.

but we need larger amount of data for HIGH SPEED connections. Currently only Google chrome and Firefox Allow us to know the Available memory.

looking for a workaround that works everywhere!

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