How many open source project logos do you know? Only 1% of people get all the logos correct! (Fun Quiz)

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Check out a fun quiz we put together to test your knowledge of open source software project logos!

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Logo of Thermal and LogChimp

These are the logo's from my two open source projects:

  1. LogChimp
  2. Thermal

I think it clearly describe the project itself.


Sadly, this quizz refers mainly about python open source projects, and I'm not a python developer.


Thank you for the feedback.

We'll take this into consideration if we run something like this again.


Loved this quiz! 10/17 though, gotta learn some more frameworks 😥


Thanks for the feedback.

That's still a good effort! More than half of the respondents get less than 50% correct.


Too many python projects in there to answer wrongly. Finished with 12 out of 17.


7/17, but I’m pretty sure most of these are made up. Bootstrap? Git? How are these not fake.