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No more VPN pain 👍

So, here’s the deal. The client we’re working with here uses Cisco’s AnyConnect as the VPN client, and my god I hate it. It doesn’t remember the password, slows down everything, and just generally not stable. It also dies when there is any other VPN connected at the same time.

I was looking around for the better solution, and I finally found it - Shimo! (#not sponsored).

Basically, it works just like any other VPN client (free Tunnel Bick, for example). But apart from OpenVPN protocol, it supports the old IPSEC/L2TP and Cisco’s AnyConnect!

What’s even better - it allows you to setup custom triggers, so when you open a particular website - it turns the specific connection on!

The above is especially important to me, since I use a lot of different streaming services, and most of them have content that is region-locked. Even when you’re paying for it, which is sad.

The only issue is - it’s pretty pricey. But! If you use SetApp like I do - it’s a part of their $5/mo subscription, which is way more manageable, considering how many other apps are there.

So yeah, definitely recommended

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Bram Jansen • Edited

I stopped using Ciscos's Anyconnect too. I still think it's a good VPN security-wise, but while it’s pricey, for me, speed was the real deal-breaker. I like to stream and video games every once in a while, so naturally, I go for the fastest providers available. Websites like vpnAlert regularly test the different VPNs and I find them to be a useful resource.

orels1 profile image

Yeah, for me it was mostly the work related issue, for personal stuff I mostly use PIA which generally had great speed for me over the past couple years

devin_smith_1 profile image
Devinsmith • Edited

I feel Expressvpn has all the features an expertise to regard it as top vpn provider currently. Expressvpn is equipped with all the key features. I have been using expressvpn with great comfort. Not having any connectivity issues and easily get the servers from any country almost around the world. Cyberghost VPN is another good option. It has almost similar features and pricing plan.

naomihodges profile image

Why not give a try a relatively low-cost Surfshark VPN? It has IKEv2 support for Windows client, which is great for connection speed and stability.

veronickawilli1 profile image
Veronicka william

Yeah, the pricing issue is always a deal-breaker. But there are always better, more affordable VPN options available, like Ivacy for instance. Pretty solid and has Chrome and Firefox extensions as well as a full-blown software app for its Windows VPN client.

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