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Best Learning Technique

If You think that reading the same article over and over is the best solution to memorizing, You are wrong. For some people, this method will work, someone would be enough to read once. Why did it happen and how do find the best solution?

  • Learning Techniques
  • Retrieval Practice
  • Spaced Practice
  • Words and Visuals

Retrieval Practice

After reading, close Your resource (Book, browser tab, etc.) and try to retrieve information. This method is great for people who have a good memory. If Your memory is not the best try to take a smaller piece of information. Small tip, after closing the learning resource, say to Yourself, what You have learned.

Spaced Practice

There is a forgetting curve, after time we forget old information. To solve this problem after learning, practice. As Example, this works perfectly for programmers. After finishing the tutorial, create something. Tip, take a paper and pencil, and write the most important facts/moments. After repeating the same action over and over You will remember keywords, which will help to recreate the information.

Words and Visuals

When learning new words sometimes it can be hard to understand, what they mean. To have better understanding use synonyms and images. It makes understanding way easier and faster.

Everyone is Different

One person can memorize information after reading it. Second, uses practice for better understanding, etc. If someone recommends a method, first of all, make sure it works for You. This will prevent You from wasting time and will boost Your productivity. In the other case, You will waste a lot of time.

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