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DEV extreme moderation !!! #htwgm !!!

Clive Da
open source devops & open source webdev & open source sysadmin
・1 min read

The #linux tag is meant for content directly related to linux OSes. Posts focused on WSL should be tagged with #wsl instead.

I wonder what the L in WSL stands for ? HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD #htwgM

OK i admit @DEV is 'THE GOTO PLACE FOR DEVs' (maybe because of the moderation) but WHO MODERATES THE MODERATORS ?

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Michael Tharrington (he/him)

Hey Clive,

If you wish to contest a tag being removed from your article, then please message us privately at

The tag moderators are doing excellent work to keep the content on DEV organized for the community. It's not helpful to continuously post articles questioning these decisions whenever a tag is removed from one of your post, and it's unacceptable to target this very supportive team of volunteers with such a disrespectful tone. Understand, no one here is removing tags from your post without reason, they are acting thoughtfully and without bias toward you. If they make a mistake when removing one of your tags, it's just that β€” a mistake. I genuinely believe every one of our mods is acting out of good faith to try and improve the user experience on DEV, and they are doing excellent work.

I do understand your frustration with having tags removed from your posts, but we have explained previously how to properly contest a tag being removed and the reason why we sometimes act to remove tags. If we make decisions to change our process, it will be after careful consideration. That being said, I don't think the system is broken. For now, we've decided that it's more important to be able to act quickly to remove tags than it is to have a lengthy review process for these decisions. Perhaps we'll change this in the future, but not necessarily.

Lastly, I ask that you please give our Code of Conduct a thorough read before participating further. Remember that there are people on the other end here. We have feelings and ask that you be respectful. We're honestly trying to be considerate of your point of view and will always be patient & kind in our interactions here, but we also expect you to present your point of view considerately and grant us this same patience and kindness.

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Hi Clive

Would like to remind you that is a community, which means rules and policies have to be crafted to benefit / protect the majority. If you are falling afoul of those rules / policies as often as your post history suggests it is then possibly this isn't the community for you. You are not entitled to come to this community and do whatever you want, you need to abide by the rules and be of a benefit/ support to everyone else on this platform.

I like this community and I like our moderators and to see you spam low-effort posts and then go on the offensive towards the hardworking team who manage the platform when you don't get your way is not acceptable in my books. Please think long and hard as to whether this is a community you want to be in, because at your current pace I would rather you leave.

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Clive Da Author

thats funny ! real funny ! i will go today if the CEO and CTO stop liking my posts ! i will not go if i continue to be victimised by fake moderators issuing me fake takedown notices ! whose platform is this is ? why cant it be self policing ? why does it depend on vindictive moderators ?

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Andrew Brown πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

The mods are a borg collective.