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How to build sites for personal ease and client satisfaction?

This is my dilemma. There are a number of website's I am undertaking the 'development' of, my only experience thus far is a few test files courtesy of Colt Steeles web dev bootcamp. This taught me a decent enough grasp of HTML + CSS to feel confident enough to build a small single page site using the two, then deploying the landing page via Netlify.

The projects I am undertaking are fairly basic, one being a recruitment site with basic form functionality, another a childcare consultancy with the same and finally an auction site potentially with a built in user management system.
Each of them has been custom designed by my girlfriend and I am sure I can recreate them using HTML, CSS + JS. However, the clients will most likely want to update content themselves at some stage and it does not seem to be A popular option from what i have gathered for developers to maintain this aspect of the sites for clients, even if it means the client themselves creating the content and the developer updating it.

My concern is that I won't be able to recreate the design using A CMS or are there some options that are very customization or should I use something like GATSBY to build the site and then host on a CMS?
How I tackle these will have a big impact on the future of an awesome side business that me and my partner are considering.

Any suggestions are welcome :)

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