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Development process

gabrielleeaston profile image Gabrielle Easton Updated on ・2 min read

Last week we had a number of different discussions about the development process.

One of the discussions was about the work-slots feature.
The work-slots feature allows businesses to alert workers with specific availabilities about the upcoming shifts. As we only have eight weeks left that need to include QA and user feedback, we decided to reduce our App's MVP. We decided to remove the worker slots feature because implementing this feature is far more complex for the time we have.

Another topic we discussed was styling. We will be using SASS and bootstrap. I am very excited to take advantage of SASS to keep the code readable.

During our discussion, I discovered that there will be a collaboration between Arit and Chris Oliver for testing the App. They promised to put together a guide on using the MiniTest library. I can't wait to see the results.

Once again, we promised to keep our PRs small. Everybody likes small PRs, and it's more efficient and easier to review.

A note about devise gem: as we went further working on different features of the App, we realized (with a help of senior developers) that the devise is too complex to modify to the needs of our App.

I think these moments are best for learning. You understand how quickly things get complex in a considerably small application. Discussing and researching is a big part of development.

Hooray! I kept it short this time! Thanks for reading!

Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

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