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How Disobedience Made Me Better

As developers, it is a norm that when starting out learning new technologies, we learn and hear a lot about best practices. As good as this is, it could be really caging as a beginner in a new technology when working on a project because you have to think of what you are doing and how much it obeys the best practice rules. This exact experience has hindered someone like me from meeting targets and moving ahead with a new feature in the project or to something else.
As a developer, when starting out with a technology or language, don’t be afraid to write “disobeying code” (code that doesn’t apply to best practices). What you should bother about the most while building is to MAKE IT WORK FIRST. This will help you a lot to be free and not afraid of what you are writing. That happens to me a lot. When it’s time for me to do something, I will sometimes just freeze looking so confused as though I don’t know what to do just because I’m afraid I will disobey “Mr. Best practices”.
Start out free, make it work, then think of best practices after you have made it work. This makes it a lot easier and helps your confidence in solving problems. With time and experience, you will not need much time to start writing code with best practices first hand. You can also get someone you look up to and give him/her your code to review and help you write it better after you have made it work. This could help speed up your knowledge in writing clean code early enough.
Hope this helps. Till next time, keep building great stuff.

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