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DevFestZA: Bringing Your Android Application To Life Using Animations (Part 2)

pabiforbes profile image Pabi Moloi, but Forbes ・1 min read

In case you have missed Part 1 of this blog post series, you can catch up below:

I chose to speak about Android Animations because I started to explore them a bit, and they are fun.
Android provides two frameworks that you can use to implement animations; namely the View Animation Framework and the Property Animation Framework .
You can read more about them here and here.

To see how my talk went (my voice was shaky because I was extra nervous), you can view it on GDGJohannesburg's YouTube playlist

More useful links:
Material Design: Understanding Motion

Android Animation Library

Android Rocket Demos

Functional Animations

Happy Reading

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kiyansadegh profile image

Thank you Pabi. It helped me a lot.

pabiforbes profile image
Pabi Moloi, but Forbes Author

Hey Kiyan, I am glad it was informative for you.