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Your 5 essential Dev Blogs

pablohs1986 profile image Pablo Herrero ・1 min read

I'm a beginner lost in a sea of ​​options. Please, tell me 5 of your favorite dev blogs that I should start reading right now and why.

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Garrett van Wageningen • Edited

Hopefully you can google these names and get good results.
Julia Evans - incredible knowledge yet humble, fun to read, very applicable
baseCS - fantastic intro to computer science stuff for beginners
Red blob games - its fun, informative, very well written
Martin Fowler - he's an institution on app design and other things
High scalability - informative, deep, not tied to a certain tech or framework
Clean coder blog - struggled to find my 5th since many of the blogs I love are tied to a specific language or type of programming, but clean coder has good posts on testing and program design.

And apparently I can't count, so maybe you shouldn't read these :) . Anyway, there's 6

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Pablo Herrero Author

jajaja thank you!!! I'm going to check them out right now!