Learning Mobile Development: Which path is more "marketable" ?

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Hi there,
I am a jr. front-end Dev and I want to eventually get into Mobile development.

What is the path that has more demand?
React Native?
Something else entirely?

P.S. I am in the USA near NYC, so there is where I eventually would look for a job

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As a bottom line, I would suggest picking what interests you and go for it. Start writing code. You could spend a week in React Native, and decide to switch to Swift, and I don't think you would have wasted time.

There are jobs available for all of the mobile dev paths, especially in a big city like NYC.

That being said, you can't go wrong with Swift (iOS) or Android native. These are the officially supported languages maintained by the long-standing companies that sell mobile devices. I've always seen a high demand for native mobile developers throughout my career.

I agree with Suzanne @s_aitchison that a great way to see what companies are recruiting for mobile devs is to start hunting for job postings. Check angle.co/, stackoverflow.com/jobs, etc. to start getting an idea of the space.

Here's an image comparing Google search trends image comparing Google search trends. While I don't think this is the sole piece of data you should base your decision on, it's helpful to keep in mind.


Thank you for your great advice Ryan, very helpful!!!


Edited my post to include the image. Still learning my way around dev.to :)


It depends where you are based, but in the UK at least, native iOS and Android devs are in short supply and usually have really good earning potential.

If you're already a front-end dev though and don't want to go the native route, I think React Native is more in demand. The best way to check in your region though is to try searching for jobs referencing either and see what's out there πŸ™‚


Oh thanks, I am in the US, I will add that to the post!

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