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Twilio & Dev Hackthon Submition: Covid News SMS

What I built

I built an SMS service that sends to the user daily news about the COVID-19 in the USA. All that the user has to do is to enter their phone number in the form on the app's website.
The idea behind it is that there are so many news and while many people want to avoid the rabbit hole of bad news, they still may want to know what is going on. So for the beta phase, everyday the user get one SMS with the top news of the current day.

Category Submission:

COVID-19 Communications

Demo Link

Link to Code

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

React, NodeJS and Express
I am a Jr. Web Dev so while I know HTML and CSS well, but JavaScript skills are basic and I knew absolutely no NodeJS prior April 26th, so I tried learning it while following Twilio documentation and tutorials.
I also learned some React and Express to get this done.

Additional Resources/Info

I made this as simple as possible to be able to build and functional app with the time I had, so I plan to implement future features like:

  • User be able to subscribe to automatically get daily news.

Shout Out

I have to thank my sister-in-law and super divaloper Karoline Alencar, who mentored me and helped me every time I got stuck and without who I would never be able to finish this project in time.

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Corbin Taylor

For those interested, here is the repository. I think Pachi forgot to change the link:

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Vicki Langer

Neat! I signed up.