Learning new things on the fly for the Hackthon

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Good morning!

As I mentioned before, I decided to participate in the Hackthon Dev is doing with Twilio but started a bit to late.
With my Brothers help I decided what I was going to do, and on Sunday the 26th, I made the webpage for the project.
I decided to go real simple there, because I don't have much time and I have lots to learn.

My project will use Twilio SMS services so I am studying about that, as well as learning some nodeJS for the back end. I confess at times I feel overwhelmed, confused and not sure I can finish it. But I refuse to give up!!! I want I new Dev badge for my profile lol

I have a little less than 3 days to learn all I need and finish the project.
I problem will delivery something real simple but done is better than nothing right?

My hopes are to end this Hackthon with some new tools, a new project for my portfolio and even some back-end experience. In my books I just have to delivery and I am already a winner!!!

Good luck to everyone else participating.
And to everyone else, You can do it! Whatever you are doing, I bet you can finish it!!!


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You definitely have the right attitude. I hope you can finish in time, but mostly I hope you enjoy the process. :)


Hey Pachi, it's cool that you are participating as well 😃. Good luck with your project 👍