Twilio Hackton: getting started late in the game

pachicodes profile image Pachi //Pati (she/her/ela) ・1 min read

Happy Sunday!!!

When I read about the twilio Hackton weeks ago I wanted to be part of it, but pandemic life happened and I forgot about it.
Yesterday my dear friend Corbin mentioned that to be, and since I want to apply for the Twilio Hatch program, that would be a great experience and addition to my resume.

The challenge is, I have 4 days!
I enlisted my brothers to help me brainstorm.
I got a simple yet usefull idea.

Can I do it?
Let's see how it goes and wish me lucky!


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Good luck! Worked on a ton of Twilio stuff today. 😉


Good luck!! You got this - looking forward to see what you create!


Good luck!!! Hope you all the best fellow hacker :D