๐Ÿ’ช Train your CSS skills with online games ๐Ÿ‘พ

Francesco Leardini on November 15, 2019

As frontend developers we are often called to design a neat and appealing UI for our web app. Nowadays there are plenty of concepts and technologi... [Read Full]
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Thank you for this, I love when my learning is gamified.



It is a win win: having fun playing videogames and at the same time practicing CSS


A great example how you should not design and code user interfaces.


If you're looking for a fun way to test your eye, I'd recommend this game. Basically 'spot the difference' but with UI elements. :)



Thanks Joel for the link. It is also an interesting game!



Thank you for sharing this amazing resources, nobody will ever say again that CSS is boring!


I only knew about flex frogy, glad to see there's more.

brb, gaming time


Thank you for this. This will help me greatly as begginer. But I have question are there more games like this for HTML and Javascript?


I am sure there are, but I cannot recall them by heart. But maybe I will make a research and create a list similar for the CSS resources.


I'll be sharing this around, thanks. I knew about several of these and always recommend them to juniors or even seniors who aren't so hot on front end stuff.


I think these resources are extremely valuable, because they provide a much more appealing way to learn CSS than just reading the specs.


thanks you for this, learning is more fun whith games.


It all started when a colleague of mine showed me flexbox froggy. I liked it so much, that I started searching for further similar games. Indeed they are all great!!


Wow this is extremely rad and useful -- thanks for putting this together ๐Ÿ™


I got to meet and hang out with Dave Geddes at a conference a couple years ago. Brilliant dude. Really knows what heโ€™s doing.


I had no idea games like this existed! Thank you so much for sharing.


Yes, they are really cool! Simple as a concept but very helpful to learn in a lighter way :)


Thanks for sharing these games - It'll surely help to make learning more interesting

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