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Struggles of finding jobs for dropouts

pandaa880 profile image Prashant Chaudhari Updated on ・1 min read

All the self taught developers and dropouts out there. What are your experiences with finding the job ? Do you tell the recruiter beforehand that you don't have a relevant degree or after the process is over ? I am from India and here it is difficult to get a job for dropouts very few companies allow it. Specially if anyone is from India and in similar situation, please share your experiences. So I want to hear your opinions and thoughts.


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As per my opinion, keep it transparent. And instead of applying through career section of any company, contact HR or any other current employee of the organisation. Talk to them nicely. Show your skills first and ask them if they are willing. Get a job in a startup, get your hands dirty learn new and latest tech skills and then target big companies. It may take some time but it will be worth.


Thank you for your thoughts. Yes, I agree on working in a startup. Currently I work at a startup and have about 1.5+ years of experience and now I am planning to move to bit bigger companies.


I would highly recommend you to go for Amazon. Contact any current employee and ask for a referral. For a referred application, HR actually looks at the resume and contacts you if he finds your application suitable to any role available. Your CV should clearly show that you don't have any degree. If you have really good portfolio and recruiter is okay with your degree thing, he will contact you. Just put your efforts smartly.