How do you deal with racist co-workers if you belong to a minority group and don't want to pull the "race card"?

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Firstly, that sounds like a really difficult situation, and you have my sympathy.

If its your boss, or someone you report to on a regular basis, I would start looking elsewhere for work. If its not, you need to enlist the help of colleagues who understand your problem and see your perspective, and try to get them to regulate your problematic co-workers behaviour. If that doesn't work, I don't see how to solve this without raising with management. Realistically, its likely that is where you're going to end up. Which sucks.



Not racially (obviously), but most importantly very carefully/professionally!

For example make sure you are square with your hierarchy first.

This may seem unrelated but it may not be.

More often than not mobbing practices are "ordered", than anything else.

If you are sure you know the policies in play, shift your action to the causing factors,

Think of it as a Min-Max game. Minimum effort for Maximum results.

It is also critical to keep a healthy "attitude" while you're at it,

ie: Don't let them "get" to you.

Keep the overtimes to a minimum and don't cut back on recreational activities (working out is golden).

So that's my best advice with the info at hand, In any case good luck and keep your chin up.


What exactly do you think the "race card" is in this situation? Sounds like you are boxing yourself out of most of your options.