I created the Android logo using CSS and only 1 DIV. What do you think?

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The following image was drawn in CSS using only 1 DIV:
Alt Text

I created the logo when I was bored and wanted to challenge myself drawing something with CSS but using only 1 DIV - the minimal amount of HTML element. The source code can be inspected here:


The result of it inspired me to do more of those projects - drawing something in CSS and using only 1 div.

Do you have any questions? Let me know


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Awesome! Would love to see any over drawings you can do with just CSS! Maybe different tech-related logos?


What do you think? I crated an iPhone using pure CSS and 1 DIV only:



Thanks. I'll post others later on. Stay tuned.


Pretty cool I have noticed that there is a new trend with everyone trying to create CSS art with only 1 div. I should give it a try.


Really? Where else have you seen it?


The #100DaysOfCode challenge on Twitter.

What's that and how is that related to my post?

The 100daysofcode.com/ is where developers commit to coding for at least 1 hour a day. It is a brilliant way to force yourself to learn and fast. There is even a Visual studio Code extension 100-days-of-code and a hashtag on dev.to for it.

And it relates to your article because I have seen many developers tweet about using only 1 div to create CSS artwork and they show their codepens.