Need advice on a cheap/light Linux laptop for Kubernetes

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Hi, it’s my first post here on community.

I ask you guidance on this topic: i need a cheap/light replacement for a company 15’’ MacBook Pro. It will be used primarily for coding and learning with cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes, Prometheus, etc. etc.

I’d like it to have the following features:

  • Light machine (13/14 inches)
  • Good quad-core processor
  • At least 8gb of RAM, with the possibility to upgrade to 16
  • A “cheap” machine...i don’t want to carry the MacBook Pro with me when travelling abroad (i.e. conferences, meetings)

Thank you all very much


Why not check out PCSpecialist?

I got myself a 14" laptop with a quad-core intel pentium N5k, 8GBs of RAM and 1256GB of storage, all for less than 500€.

It perfectly runs archlinux/i3 with about 7h in autonomy


Really, i didn’t know PCSpecialist...i’l check it out thanks! I was thinking about Manjaro/i3 :)

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