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Paramanantham Harrison
Paramanantham Harrison

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Maintaining centralized documentation using Docusaurus

Every engineering team face problem of where to maintain documentation once team grows. We at Jobbatical faced similar problem and finally comes to a working solution.

What is Docusaurus?

  • Docusaurus is an open source by facebook. It is written in React and easily extended to create similar documents like react docs.

How it helps

  • Centralized documentation for your team
  • Easy setup, better readability and linking (same as React docs ❤️)
  • Versioning is easy with multiple contributors
  • Markdown support to create content
  • Built using React (can be extended based on need)
  • Document search (algolia is also supported for more advanced search capabilities)
# Getting started
npm install --global docusaurus-init
cd documentation-folder
Useful Links

Hope this helps if someone is looking for better centralized documentation need for the company or development team in general 😇

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