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Efficient Cross-browser testing workflow

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I am a new Front-end Developer and i'm trying to get the hang of cross browser testing. It its frustrating to open each browser to test. Additionally, I use a mac and the Safari dev tools are really difficult to use. I was wondering if other devs could explain how they cross browser test. any tips or tools you use?

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You can choose to do manual testing or automated testing.
For cross browser testing, you can download a couple of Windows VMs and Linux VMs, and buy a Mac mini to make sure you cover all browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, ...)

Or you can use one of the many cloud-based cross browser testing services out there, for example - it has versions of all Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and Edge browsers.


Karma is a great test runner for unit testing. You can automate the opening of all browsers. If you are talking more about integrated testing across multiple pages or in a SPA, CasperJS is the test runner you want. You can point it at your latest environment and automate all test cases in multiple browsers.


In a nutshell, there are two things to test in cross browser testing.

  • Layout
  • Functionality

There are more stuff to test as well but basically all problems can be jot down in two categories.
For functional testing, automated scripts can help you out. Selenium can be used to run on all browsers like Chrome, Firefox, IE etc.(you would need a mac system to test on safari though)

For layout you can use tools like LambdaTest. They have a tool that takes screenshot across multiple browsers and operating systems at once. Really helps in fast tracking layout testing.

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