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10 resources to learn HTML and CSS for Free

pascavld profile image Pasca Vlad ・2 min read

1. CSS-Tricks - "HTML & CSS – The VERY Basics"

➡️This video is the VERY basics of what HTML and CSS is, for the absolute beginner.

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2. FreeCodeCamp - Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)

➡️You'll go from learning the basics of HTML and CSS to building your first website.

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3. W3schools - HTML and CSS section

➡️These free tutorials cover a wide range of HTML and CSS uses. This is a must-see resource.

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4. Learn HTML5 and CSS3 From Scratch - Full Course

➡️In this free 12 hours YouTube course you'll go from scratch to building your projects.

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5. Learn HTML5 and CSS3 For Beginners - Crash Course

➡️In this awesome 4 hours creative course you'll go from 0 HTML and CSS knowledge to building your first 3 awesome projects.

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6. Building 10 Websites - From Design to HTML and CSS by @florinpop1705

➡️If you enjoy learning by building this YouTube course is for you. I can't recommend it enough.

Link🔗 -

7. HTML and CSS Crash Course for Absolute Beginners

➡️These 2 are the courses I took when first learning HTML and CSS and I can only say that you can't find a better free course online.

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8. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by Jon Duckett

➡️If you enjoy learning from books this is the best resource for you.

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9. The HTML and CSS Handbook

➡️These are 2 awesome books for learning almost everything about HTML and CSS. I still read these books from time to time.

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10. Frontend Masters Bootcamp

➡️Even though this course contains JavaScript too, I still recommend it because it's a 21 hours high-quality, valuable course.

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Thanks for reading. I hope you found it valuable and if you did make sure you follow me on Twitter because there I post more about web development.

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