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Anyone else installed more than one desktop env in one machine?

Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
Currently interested in TypeScript, Vue, Kotlin and Python. Looking forward to learning DevOps, though.
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I successfully install Xfce after KDE, but

  • Chromium signed out, if I tried to use the same account inside Xfce4, then back to KDE.
  • ibus-daemon started up automatically in Xfce4 as well, but as KDE version (ibus-daemon -drx --panel=/usr/lib/kimpanel-ibus-panel), and it doesn't work for Xfce.

Now, I want to try Enlightenment, but I fear I'd lose Chromium settings.

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James Palermo • Edited

I straight up just have old SSDs dangling out the back of my Linux box that are all bootable so I can use multiple environments/distros without losing my damn brain when everything breaks twice a day.

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