Best way to make website only accessible to you or some selected people?

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt ・1 min read

I actually want to use simply GitHub markdown, but I fear of unauthorized access.

Also, I might to, in the future, make the website HTML and API powered, not just Markdown.

No need for complete user system, though. Everyone will be seeing the same contents.


markdown guide

If you want to have a access controled content management and website like feel. Try some of the WIKI softwares which enables restricted access only to certain users.

This is some of the applications I am sharing. There are lot of softwares out there feel free to find one based on your requirement. Also, you can use cloud based solutions or self hosted versions.


Interesting. I will look into them.

I can also work as kind-of-web-board too, I guess. Although it also depends on the price.


The Wiki.js and Tiddly wiki are open source software. You can have them self hosted in cloud or internal server


If it is hosted under Apache, look into .htpasswd - this how the "dropdowns" for user name and password you occasionally see are done.
Upside: cant be hacked by getting into your db (not db driven); extremely simple to implement
Downside: cant do rate limiting to deter dictionary etc attacks

Unsure if "using githib markdown" means you are hosting it on github - don't think it would work there, you wont have access to uplaod the .htpasswd file :(


Well, I am focusing on easy-to-create and easy-to-maintain. Easy-to-PR, as in code-less awesome GitHub repos would be nice, so it would be easy to contribute (in my circle only).

I probably will post an external link to password-protected Google Docs. However, Google Docs probably aren't as powerful as Markdown...

Edit: I would probably use password-protected Dropbox. Seem easier IMO.

Edit2: End up using box.com. Dropbox can also, but it is paid. Google Drive cannot.


My thought is actually password-protected Google Docs, and ones with the password can access.

Since I am going to share the password anyway, I probably won't make it super strong.