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Discord (or Slack) suggestions?

Indeed, this one is a good list

GitHub logo ljosberinn / awesome-dev-discord

A curated list of official, development-related Discord server

Awesome Dev Discord

A curated list of official, development-related Discord server.

Awesome Lists

Table of Contents


Communities & Subreddits

Name Link Description
Clojurians join Community for Clojurescript
CodeSupport code-support A community dedicated to giving guidance about programming
The Coding Den code-support A programming server for everyone who is interested in coding
C# Inn c#-inn Help, study, learn and coop! All while having fun and making friends at C# Inn
Data & Dev Ops data-dev-ops For everything related to databases & devops with PostgreSQL/Ansible/Bash/etc.
Devcord devcord Community that brings together web developers of all experience levels
Digital Hackerspace digital-hackerspace Focused on hacking, making software, hardware and a mix of both
Functional Programming functional-programming
Garbage Collectors join Welcome to Garbage Collectors (GC). We try to focus on "long-term" mentoring/guidance.
houseparty.js join General and for discussion around broad topics
Lisp join Community for

There is Python, but Golang is missing.

And, another one I've just found VSCode.

It would be nice if there is a Discord server for Electron / Electron-builder as well.

I have joined many Slack servers, such as DevOps Chat as well, but Slack desktop app is not as convenient as Discord.

What are some other nice things you wish it would happen?

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Vrushanjali Thippabathula

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Tristan Pollock

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