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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
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How do you customize your GNOME?

Let's accept it. GNOME 3, especially on Ubuntu, is ugly, and hide away lots of customization by default. (Compared to KDE and XFCE.) GNOME 40 (on Arch Linux) is a little better, but not everything is that I liked.

Honestly, GNOME + some customization or KDE / XFCE with little customization. Also, screenshot tool is better in other DE's.

Currently, my favorite customization is ArcMenu + BaBar Task Bar; and Dock must be hidden.

But the dock, even though not shown by default, cannot be resized without dash-to-dock extension, and by installing dask-to-dock, the dock will appear in main desktop, which I don't want. But this could be fixed.


Happily, GNOME 40 workspaces are horizontal, rather than vertical, which is always true for desktop environments other than GNOME 3.

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Snehit Sah

This extension seems to be getting popular for Gnome 40