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How to deploy STATEFUL container on DigitalOcean

The examples of usage includes,

  • When you want to use MongoDB Atlas beyond free tier limits; or other self-hosted database
  • Self-hosted WordPress
  • Self-hosted stateful docker container, such as Remark42 or Isso.

(I have done all three.)

Actually, it's the answer to this question.

The steps required are

      - "80:8080"
      - "443:8443"

      - SSL_TYPE=auto
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Don't know if this is just my experience. docker-compose build on DigitalOcean droplet failed due to not enough memory. I have to build on my development machine (macOS), then push to Docker Hub. (Yes, this is my first time pushing to Docker Hub.) For anyone curious, see this gist.

For the time-being, feel free to visit the result of my success. --

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