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Precise and programmable Office Suite?

patarapolw profile image Pacharapol Withayasakpunt twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

What do you use? MS Word and PowerPoint aren't being easy to be precise. PDF should be a possible output. Not sure about LibreOffice...

Programmable or CSS-based might be nice. Should also be semantically correct. (Like heading being h1.) Diff-able with Git would be nice.

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Hello, it sound like a job for latex ,

  • there are some interesting tool to use with latex like pandoc
  • files can be versioned
  • pdf or html can be generated

I have heard of this for a while. Thanks.

[ approximately 3.9G - 08 May 2019 ]

Perhaps size can be a problem... Not as much as XCode, though.


ok, there should be a way to install only needed package though


I thought so, but how much can I control

  • Print Preview
  • Repeated footers, headers
  • TOC / Bookmarks in PDF

Footers and headers should be the only problem, as HTML was never designed for printing.


why are you not sure about LibreOffice? I use it everyday and it works fine



Basically, anchor snapping. In MS Word.

In LibreOffice. It seem that the problem is fixed.

Perhaps I should ditch MS Office for LibreOffice...

Another example of impreciseness is in PowerPoint, as in this post.

But again, in LibreOffice, this is solved.

About semantics, again, LibreOffice seems to be better.

For programmability, I know LibreOffice and always have a public API.

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