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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
Pacharapol Withayasakpunt

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What are you tips on understanding more challenging concepts?

Although my primary concern is making sense of applied statistics in R language, as well as geostatistics; enough to make sound inferences / explanations in academics (public health, actually); I would be interested to hear how you tackle more challenging concepts are well.

Problems are usually,

  • Video too long. Not understanding much.
  • Writings too long and too confusing.
  • Even after some time, I cannot write a discussion, or make a point in a discussion. (Forums and webinars.)

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perpetual . education

Break it up into much smaller bits - and then practice practice practice. Get a little group of people who are learning the same thing - and you'll get different view points, and you'll each be able to help each other 'get' different things. If the videos and articles are too confusing - find other articles. Find a professional in the field - and outline - step-by-step - the order of importance - and learn the concepts in that order. Lots of practical usage. This video is really web-dev specific - but the concepts are the same.

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I have the same problem, let's see what others will say about that !!

Take a look at this:


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