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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt
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Which LaTeX dialect do you use?

Recently, I found that I can beautifully convert Markdown to PDF, with not only <pre><code> syntax highlighting, but also LaTeX syntaxes for page break, and PDF includes.

Markdown with LaTeX

However, some important markdown features are missing, including

  • Cannot style with CSS (I tried using color: blue; for text color), or JS async (e.g. for extended syntax highlighter, like Prism.js or highlight.js)
  • Cannot include online images
  • Local images are relative to present working directory $PWD, rather than file location

This follows the fact that there are multiple markdown implementations, as well as one may write plugins for markdown compilers.

There seems to be multiple LaTeX implementations as well, and what is included by default (by pdflatex, texlive, VSCode extension) might not be exactly what you want.

Also, RMarkdown in RStudio seem to be working well, both for PDF printing and HTML for web.

So, what do you suggest? (especially for printed pages authoring)

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