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Svelte Development with VSCode Remote - Containers

As my first post here, I thought I would write about three of the favorite things I have been using/learning lately:

The combination of VSCode and the Remote Development-Containers with Docker has really changed my workflow for web apps and python apps.

And as someone still learning front end web development, I found that I really enjoy developing with Svelte over React and Vue (although I still like Vue).

The repo below contains a full development environment to get up and running with Svelte in VSCode in a few simple steps without having to worry about installing anything on your local machine other that VSCode, the Remote Development extension, and Docker.

After cloning the repo, you just need to open the folder as a remote container and you now have an Alpine Linux host with Node, Yarn, and Svelte ready for development.

Also, no need to worry about which extensions for VSCode to install, the remote container already has ESLint, Prettier, and Svelte-VSCode extentions for VSCode installed.

Please give it a try and let me know what you think. Next up will be development container with Svelte-Sapper.

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Remote Docker Container for Svelte development

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