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Cover image for :strong_migrations for Elixir - catch unsafe migrations easily
Patryk Woziński
Patryk Woziński

Posted on

:strong_migrations for Elixir - catch unsafe migrations easily

Hey, hey! I just published my next small open-source library (actually, it's a "port" from Ruby). Thanks to :strong_migrations you can catch all unsafe things that happening in your application's migrations like:

  • remove column
  • rename column
  • drop table
  • add index non-concurrently
  • add index concurrently in a transaction
  • drop index concurrently in a transaction

... and soon much more like migrations that are adding NOT NULL, etc. There are also a few configuration possibilities, so you can prepare everything to meet your application's requirements.

Any feedback or feedback is welcome. That is my first time when I was working on the AST - that's also why I've opened an issue with the "help wanted" label. It's related to refactoring possibilities of the AST parser.

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