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Patryk Woziński
Patryk Woziński

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Elixir application performance monitoring tools

Hi guys!
What do you use to monitor web application performance in Elixir? I think about implementing some mechanisms but still don't know what the best fit for the Elixir language.

  • AppSignal
  • DataDog
  • NewRelic

Which one gives the most useful metrics and information? I want to have there also logs from the slowest database queries, etc.
Do every one of them needs to tag EVERY function in the whole application to track them?

I love NewRelic from my previous job, but still, I'm not sure if it works correctly with Elixir apps.

What's your opinion?

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Patryk, did you end up picking an APM to use with Elixir? Any thoughts on the decision you made? Thanks.

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