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Hi, Me and my friend are planning on creating an IDE for Java, But we haven't really worked on such thing and we are wondering how difficult this could be, and also what programming languages should we use for it? we are really confused on the programming languages part because we think that it would be weird to open the program as a jar file?

~ Kind regards and Happy holidays.

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Hello Alexander,

I am making a code editor for desktop, I am using:

  • ElectronJS , NodeJS & some NPM packages: Electron is a Javascript framework to build desktop cross-platform applications. You can search some video to know more about Electron, Node & NPM :)
  • CodemirrorJS (codemirror.net/): For the syntax highlighting, it's a Javascript library, I am pretty sure it can highlight Java.
  • And obviously common HTML, CSS & JavaScript code.

I hope it gives you some idea!



Thank you so much! The other developer I'm working with doesn't really know JavaScript though. But I'll see what we can do.

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