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The Case Sensitivity of the GitHub Actions Runner

The Problem

Bug: Couldn't open · Issue #36 · peaceiris/actions-mdbook

mdBook can recognize but cannot on a GitHub Actions runner (Ubuntu VM).

On the other hand, both and are acceptable on my local macOS machine.

The Reason

The case-sensitivity between the GitHub Actions runner and my local environment was different.

My local macOS machine has been formatted with case-insensitive mode, so the local building has passed and the remote building failed.

  • GitHub Actions Ubuntu: Case sensitive
  • My local macOS PC: Case insensitive

Can we select case-sensitivity of the GitHub Actions VM?


MacOSX images with case sensitive APFS filesystem · Issue #865 · actions/virtual-environments

We can't offer another image at this time since it would affect overall capacity of Mac and be costly to maintain.

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