How do you organize your extension methods?

peledzohar profile image Zohar Peled Updated on ・1 min read

Do you have a class library for all extension methods?
Do you copy & paste extension methods from one project to another?
Do you have different class libraries for different extended objects (like stringExtensions.dll, IComparebleExtensions.dll etc')?

Personally, I find it best to have a different dll for each assembly - so for instance I'll have a StringsExtensions class and an IComparebleExtensions class in one dll called <companyName>.System.Extensions.dll.

What do you prefer? Why do you prefer that?


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Where I'm at, we have a base project that is shared with other projects. That contains various things like interfaces and base classes. We just use a static class in that project for our extension methods under the project namespace. We only have a few extension methods to be fair.