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Not a major ORM, but I really like Peewee (in Python).

Now, I am using TypeScript and I write my own. I am tempted to try Mikro-ORM, though.

Tried TypeORM, but it disappointed me.

SQL builder only, like Knex.js is also good, but as you see, I am tempted to write an ORM, if it doesn't exist.


Coming from C# definitely Entity Framework.
Now that I work mostly with TypeScript I would say TypeOrm


I enjoy a lot working with Entity Framework and Dapper, now that I'm coding in python kind enjoying SQLAlchemy.

SQLAlchemy it's easy to set up and start coding, don't have a lot of configs to deal or classes, but LINQ in Entity Framework with CodeFirst damn...


Hibernate! Because it's a suite of open source projects around domain models.


JOOQ. Perhaps because it's not a ORM in traditional sense but rather a query builder (and extremely convenient one).


I haven't used many ORMs but I really like Active Record with Rails!


I'm never used ORM but now I'm using Lucid from adonisjs and really liking :)


From the .Net/C# perspective I go with dapper and petapoco for simpler stuff but entity framework for the heavy ones.


I dont use ORM but gorm is a pretty good one as it's really simple.


Used to be just the Django ORM; nowadays is Diesel (Rust) and I'm very interested in going commando with SQLx (also Rust) in the future.

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