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What to choose ?

Hi! I'm lost.

What a way to start a post.

My English is not very good (I speak french) so sorry about that.

I'm a bit new the web development world and I have to choose a framework to do a project with my friend.
But when I see all the options, I'm just terribly lost.

I was looking for a framework that is "full-stack" with a MVC approach, like RoR or Django. I tried RoR and it's pretty cool, huge learning curve and a very weird thing that's called "convention". So whenever I name a file, someway it's linked to somefile somewhere and I don't even know about it. Mmh okey don't like that at all.
So now I'm looking at Django. I didn't start yet, that's why I'm doing this post.

What do you think I should do ? Still going for RoR? if I don't like convention go for Django ?

Or, a completly different approach, a stack like Spring Boot - Angular with a REST API. I'm good at Angular, I did that for +1 year, but spring I don't know anything about it. Is it a better solution ? A more viable solution for the future ?

I really don't know. It's been 3 weeks I can't decise wich stack to take and stick with it.

That's why I did this post and hopefully, some kind soul will help me get out if this sticky situation.

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