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Create something that is imperfect for a reason


I create and support a few Open Source Software regexits and are they up and also have two large scale projects in the works. A HQ video to HQ GIF for Windows, Linux and Mac, and IQFINITY which is a dashboard for Amazon and ebay Sellers both open source. Juggling all of this and creating something that is driven by users is a lot, its draining and can cause burn out.


I create intentional 'imperfect' web apps, demos or even cli apps. Let me explain, the apps I create function, do what I want and that is it. Usually it focuses on a single element

For example bloody weather it has one operation. type a US zip and return the weather with a British slang in there... It's not pretty, its not styled to the level of projects I usually work on. I started this on Sunday in 30 min intervals between project work.

This is what it looks like on mobile


It isn't super pretty and has flaws, for example if you type on mobile the screen shifts causing overlaps. Sure I could fix it, but that's not the aim. The aim is to decompress by not worrying about the styling and responsive design.

Sum Up

Give the app a try.. The API is an open-weather and has some issues using zip code but the app is starting small, next I will add city when I need some decompression. You should find a small project that you don't put the pressure of high standards and just let it flow, it helps break through the frustrations of other work.

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The link for Bloody Weather is broken.

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James Perkins

Thanks for letting me know!

It's now fixed