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Getting ready to launch DFTW publically

You're most likely - already a developer...

But people ask us all the time

"How do I learn programming... or web design... or What is web design?..." etc...

and they probably ask you that too.

There are sooo many ways to learn

but this is the one we built and we're really proud of it - and we really do think it's the best way to learn / so, check it out. Maybe you know someone who is in the market.

Design for The Web is a 6-month online mentorship program that teaches the entire web design and development process from idea to completion.

It's not really like a boot camp... it's different. We're an open book. Feel free to ask us anything about it. We have free open time-slots to give people education or career advice too. No strings attached.

We're probably not going to do any traditional advertising - so, we figured we'd just give money to the people who help us find good matches.

Is that you?

Anyway - you heard it here first!

: )

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