Assigned seats + missing ticket puzzle

I just came across this tweet and thought it would be fun to share here:

It looks like some people in the Twitter replies have already come up with a solution, but I thought it would be a fun puzzle nonetheless!

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Here's my simulation in Ruby. I know that one million is overkill, Lol

Spoilers below โ†“

class Threater
  def = 1_000_000)
    last_person_got_seat = 0.0
    total_runs = 0.0

    iterations.times do |i|
      if i % 1000 == 0
        print("\rNยบ of iterations: #{i.to_s.ljust(iterations.to_s.length)}")
      last_person_got_seat += 1 if new.last_person_got_seat
      total_runs += 1

    last_person_got_seat / total_runs

  def initialize(threater_size = 100)
    @seats = [nil] * threater_size
    @seats[random_seat] = 0 # 1st in line lost her ๐ŸŽŸ

    (1...threater_size).to_a.each do |person_seat|
      seat_person(person_seat, person_seat)

  def last_person_got_seat
    @seats.last == 99


  def random_seat

  def seat_person(seat, person)
    if @seats[seat]
      seat_person(random_seat, person)
      @seats[seat] = person

result =
puts "\nResult: #{result}%"

It's 50%, apparently!

When the 100th person enters, the occupied seats are 99, so the seat is either his or it isn't. Hence 50%, matches with the twitter feed. Not sure if this approach is right though.

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