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I think what we all want is really fast first-party content delivering great experiences to users.

With my user-hat on, an unfortunate reality is that most sites on the web still provide users a slow, bloated experience that can frustrate them on mobile. If a team has the business buy-in to work on web performance and optimize the experience themselves, I'm more than happy for them to do so. We need as many folks waving the #perfmatters flag as we can get :)

That said, staying on top of performance best practices is not something every engineering team has the time to do. Especially in the publishing space, this is where I see AMP providing the most value. I'm pretty excited about their commitments to the Web Packaging specification for addressing some of the valid critique AMP's had with respect to URLs:

I'm also very keen for us to keep exploring what is possible with the Search announcement that page speed will be used as a ranking signal irrespective of the path you take to get there.


This evolution for AMP definitely has me more interested in the project. I've been standing on the sideline hoping some of these URL issues could be resolved.

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