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Giant list of Python Learning Resources

You can make almost anything in Python: Web apps, desktop software, scripts, Machine Learning programs and much more. As a general purpose language it's fantastic!

Do you want to code Python? You may feel overwhelmed with all the stuff out there: Blogs, books, courses, classes, cheat sheets and more.

Where should you start? Below is a list of my favorite resources.

Just Getting Started

So you want to become a Python Rock Star? These are some resources to get started:


Practice makes perfect. There are many exercises out there, that will help you master the basics.

Become a Python Web Developer?

To make web apps, the modules Flask and Django are often used. Flask is easier to master, as it's a micro framework. Here are some resources:

Make Desktop Software?

You can make desktop software with Python.

Become a Python AI Expert?

Fancy mastering Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning?


I hope this list is helpful to you in your learning journey. Comment below if you have any other recommendations.

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