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Customizable Node-red alternative

Total.js Flow is part of Total.js Platform and it's direct alternative to Node-red without any dependencies. Total.js Flow is fully open-source under MIT license.

Beautify UI

Total.js Flow offers a beautiful and slick user interface with nice features like:

  • Real-time traffic indicator
  • Real-time statistics
  • Visual error handling
  • Supports zooming
  • Dark/Light theme

Flow real-time traffic indicator

Flow error handling

No 3rd party dependencies and with power saving

The core of Total.js Flow is without any 3rd party dependencies, so the maintenance is effortless. You can provide Flow for several years without any problem on various devices. Total.js Flow doesn't limit you, and Flow components can contain any module from NPM. We create Total.js Flow from scratch, and we optimized it for saving CPU and memory consumption.


Total.js Flow is stable for several years, and the Total.js Flow is part of many great projects.

Flow stability

Google Home in Total.js Flow

Works offline

Total.js Flow is fully optimized for working offline without any internet connection. So you can provide Total.js Flow directly for example in IoT devices.

Crash mode

Total.js Flow supports crash mode or pausing of the entire designed Flow just in time. The crash mode will ensure that after crashing, the instance will automatically pause the Flow due to analyses of all problems.

Launch modes

Total.js Flow supports three types of Flow modes:

  • bundle (default) launches UI designer and backend Flow services
  • client runs only UI designer, but you need to specify URL address for backend Flow services (UI designer will connect external server)
  • server runs only backend Flow services without UI designer

Amazing performance

Total.js Flow offers excellent performance that can handle hundreds of requests per second.

Many useful components

We have prepared a lot of functional components. You can easily install existing components or create your own. You can easily change the default behavior of Total.js Flow by adding your link to templates with the Flow components or templates with predefined Flow designs. You can change the default configuration anytime.

Creating components

We have prepared a tool for creating Flow components. You can create Flow components without Flow, our test tool simulates Flow, and you can quickly test component functionality. Clone the repository above and learn from existing Flow components, you can start with tutorial component.



We have prepared a particular version of Flow called Total.js FlowStream which can be fully customized/optimized for various cases. You can provide FlowStream in Cluster or Cloud, and it can be optimized for accessing of multiple users (with possibility to implement various permissions) and much more.

Total.js FlowStream

Try Total.js Flow in Cloud

Start with Total.js Flow in Total.js Cloud in two minutes:

Great support

Join Total.js Telegram or write us on Total.js Messenger. We are ready to help you with the development or customizing of apps with the Total.js Flow. Our company offers professional support services for companies.

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