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Holidays Over, Time to Power Up

Well, now the holidays are officially over for me it's time to power everything up again.

Having now moved everything over to my new MacBook Pro 16", it is time to find a bag that it fits in to keep it safe during those daily travels.

I also am forcing myself to stick with the zsh in macOS Catalina rather than the trusty Bash that I have used for so many years. This also means adding my aliases to the configuration before I lose my brain.

Next up, some new podcast episodes for CompileSwift and getting some new videos made for my Patreon page.

It is funny how quickly we get used to ramping things down and enjoying maybe a little too much gaming and TV time.

On the plus side, the new machine setup has given me a chance to fix some bad install choices I made from the terminal that I never did get around to fixing.

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